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Excema reloef

It does not live up to the hype. My grandson has bad excema and the miracle Manuka cream has done no better than any other cream we have tried. Unfortunately. So nice cream but no miracle

Miracle manuka

Love it helps with my inch skin Gave some to my draughtier for her daughter

Miracle Manuka - Skin Repair Ointment

Anti aging moisturiser

Have only been using the product a week but so far so good. Skin feels nice. Product has a nice smell and feels nice to apply. Trying to gauge how much to use as 1 pump is far too much. Have very few wrinkles anyway so probably won’t see much of a difference. But will monitor and see. Quite expensive product for the quantity but quality will cancel that out. Happy to use a natural product from my homeland.

Miracle manuka-Skin repair ointment

I bought this ointment as a standby multi purpose cream for home use. I had some cuts from my lemongrass bush yesterday. Was not aware of it until bed time that I saw all the redness from the cuts. I quickly applied the ointment that I placed on my sink top and went to bed. This morning when I woke up, wanted to check on the effect of the ointment. Was pleasantly surprised that the redness were gone, only tiny traces of grass cut marks left . Very pleased with the product.

Love this moisturiser

Applies beautifully and sinks into the skin, feels nice and non-greasy (I have oily skin), and has a pleasant fresh smell. Will buy again.

Miracle Manuka Skin Repair.

Have only had this for a few days..So havnt really had time to review this product. Took a long time to receive my parcel as for some reason it didn’t have my full address. Just name and Suburb . Post shop tracked me down for address. Never ever had this happen before.

Only used a couple of times but has cleared up my daughters - 7months old
Rash on the back of her neck after 3 times using
Can’t recommend this product enough

Miracle Manuka - Skin Repair Ointment

Not as good as I’d hoped

A little goes a long way which is great. Didn’t do a lot to relieve my skin condition or my son’s eczema

Great ointment

Great travel size tin to take everywhere. Ointment is great, instant relief.

Manuka Skin Repair

I was so hopeful that this miracle cream would be the one that would help clear up my granddaughters eczema which covers most of her body but sadly it has not improved her condition at all. I’m disappointed to tell you this also I realise that the cream will only work for some , not everyone.

I may need to use this product for several months before I see any benefit. But, I have small dry and flaky patches on my face and have been using for weeks and no benefit to me whatsoever, so I am disappointed this product didn’t work for me as I do like to support New Zealand businesses.

Miracle Manuka - Skin Repair Ointment

Caused a flare up

I had such high hopes for this product but unfortunately it caused a flare up within half an hour of applying to my skin. Hopefully others have better luck than me - everyone’s skin is so different.

Hi Tamiko, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our Miracle Manuka Skin Repair Ointment. We understand that everyone's skin is different and can react differently to products - there is no one thing that works for all. We hope you find a solution that works for you. Regards Kate.

Miracle cream - it's in the name

My 17 year old daughter had her eczema come back after many years and it had gradually begun to spread up her leg. This cream made it disappear overnight. I'm not even joking. The inflammation went down immediately and she hasn't had a re-occurrence since. We are very happy with the results.

Really nice, didn’t work for us.

The box is beautiful and the products are really nice. The products for us (cleanser, face moisturizer and lip balms) were all great. The main reason of purchase was to try the Manuka balm for my child with severe eczema, unfortunately for us it did not help her and actually caused her to flare up. We understand not all products help all cases (always on the lookout for something different to try) it’s been a long and hard road for us.

Itchy Release

This cream has helped with my itching from eczema. Of course not a cure but it does give me relief.

Miracle Manuka Skin Repair Ointment Janice

Great size to take with you anywhere. Handy for anything. Spreads thinly and easily. It helped clear up my grandsons mozzie bites. Great service and fast delivery. Thanks team.

Great reliever for itchy inflamed skin

It works

I kept getting dermatitis on 3 fingers, they would get really red and itchy since using the ointment my fingers have cleared up

Miracle Manuka

This hand cream is excellent at repair of cracked hands

Manuka miracle

Great product
Healing properties
Very good

Grandsons eczema improved

I bought this to try for my 18 month old grandson who suffers from eczema. My daughter in law has noticed a good improvement and I’ve purchased more 😊

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